Town of Meenon Comprehensive Plan

Town of Meenon Comprehensive Plan Draft

Beginning in 2021, the Town of Meenon, Wisconsin began the process of developing its first-ever Comprehensive Plan for the town. The Town of Meenon’s Comprehensive Plan serves as the towns primary policy document that helps the community with understanding its growth, changes, and challenges, and opportunities. This document also expresses the desired types, locations, and development appearances within the town.

This plan represents an expression of the community’s vision for the desired future and includes identified strategies which can provide guidance to support coordinated efforts to advance the town’s vision. Ensuring that a positive, safe, and enjoyable environment is key when addressing growth, changes, challenges, and opportunities throughout the community. By relying upon this document, the community can leverage its recommendations, which are designed to reinforce the community’s vision, to support physical design, enhance economic activity, social well-being, and a sound environmental existence.

This document does not serve as a zoning map or a zoning ordinance, although have been identified in this plan as being available planning tools towards supporting the implementation of this planning document. In summary, this Comprehensive Plan contains the following items and information regarding:

  • Meenon’s desired vision, goals, objectives, and their associated strategies and policies to support future investments, development, and growth; including their identified issues to address and opportunities to benefit from.
  • A collection of maps, graphics, tables, and figures were developed to capture the town’s current land use, future land use, zoning, functional classification, the town’s community facilities, and other helpful information regarding the uniqueness surrounding the Town of Meenon.
  • The Town’s demographics (i.e., population, economy); housing; transportation; utilities and community facilities; natural, cultural, and agricultural resources; economic development; intergovernmental cooperation; land use; and implementation (Per Chapter 66.1001 - Wisconsin Legislature).

Town of Meenon Comprehensive Plan Community Engagement Process

The Town of Meenon Comprehensive Plan is currently undergoing a 30-Day Public Review and Comment Period. The Town encourages those who reside and work in the Town of Meenon to review the Plan and to provide feedback regarding the Plan.

The Plan is scheduled to undergo a Public Hearing and Town Board Plan adoption on Monday, August 22 at 6:30 PM at the Town of Meenon Town Hall building located at 7396 Krueger Road, Webster, WI 54893. The general public is encouraged to attend and provide their input on the Plan prior to its adoption by the Town of Meenon’s Town Board.

Town of Meenon Comprehensive Plan 2022-2042 DRAFT

Town of Meenon Comprehensive Plan Draft Public Comment Form