Northwest Regional Planning Commission (NWRPC) loan programs make good deals better.

NWRPC has access to revolving loan funds that assist startup and existing businesses that are looking to strengthen their capacity or recover from a declared natural disaster in Northwest Wisconsin.

The revolving loan fund began in 1983 and has helped hundreds of businesses in the region.

NWRPC has received funding from the Economic Development Administration, US Small Business Administration, US Department of Agriculture, and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. 

Loan program requirements

Matching Funds
As a gap financer, NWRPC cannot act as a lead lender. We support and partner with local banks or other lending agencies to make good deals better. Most of the programs require at least a 1:1 match.

Match can be combined between bank loans, owner’s equity, investors, or other means from the capital stack (project financing bundle).

NWRPC requires that the project carries collateral depending on risk of venture and personal assets.

Cash Flow
A business that does not make money is no business indeed. If a project cannot achieve acceptable industry debt coverage ratios then the project will not be accepted. No amount of money can make a bad deal good, and if a business cannot support its debt and other expense obligations, then the RLF money is doing a disservice to the taxpayer by funding the project.

Job Creation or Retention
Economic impact goes beyond the business’s bottom line. Jobs created, retained or saved play a role in deciding whether or not a project is viable for the NWRPC loan funds.

Economic Impact and Saturation
Is your project unique and can offer a new perspective on the tried and true, or are you one of the same? How you stand out will be one determinant of loan qualifications.

Ineligible Businesses
Financing for the following projects will not be considered:

Residential (property management companies that only serve residential purposes)
Direct Agriculture Lending
Payday loan and title companies
Telemarketing other than inbound call centers
Pawn shops
Liquor stores
Adult entertainment venues

Contact NWRPC today to see if your business qualifies.

Make good deals better.