Bayfield County Existing Land Use Review

Northwest Regional Planning is conducting an existing Land Use inventory, in support of Bayfield County’s 2022 Comprehensive Plan Update. As part of this inventory, a web map has been created for stakeholders to review and request updates the existing land use inventory.

By visiting the link below, stakeholders can open a web map and zoom into the local level to view existing land use, as inventoried by Northwest Regional Planning. When zoomed into the local level, a three-line label will pop up over each parcel. This label includes the following information:

  • A unique  ID #
  • The Street address of the parcel (If addressed by Bayfield County)
  • An existing land use Classification Code (which corresponds to a category in the map legend, on the right side of the web map)

If you think the land use for any given parcel may need to be changed to another classification, click on the pink “Click Here to request an Existing Land Use change” text in the upper right quarter of the map. This will open a Google form in a new tab. Fill in the ID# (from the parcel label) and check the button of the land use classification that you believe the classification should be changed to. Please submit as many changes as necessary to ensure the accuracy of this inventory.


Web Map Link: 

Bayfield County ELU Opens in new window